Sri Lanka is an Island in the indian contains only 65,610 sq km an unparalleled diversity of scenic sights,sounds and scents,colourful ceremonies and quaint customs culture and crafts,monolithic ruins and titanic monuments of a civilization both ancient and advanced,a multitude of climes and eco systems from tropical rainforests to subalpine evergreen,rich farmlands to arid surub jungle,extravagant fauna and flora,wonderful wilderness and wildlife
Sinhala and Tamil are the national languages spoken in sri-lanka ,however English generally acts as the bridging language between them .
the loacal currerncy in sri-lanka is Srilankan rupees.

Country Name
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Conventional short form: Sri Lanka

Former Name
Ceylon,Pearl of the Indian Ocean

65,610 square kilometers

Commercial Capital

Sri Lanka is free, independent and sovereign nation with a population of 18,774 million (1998 mid year estimation). Legislative power is exercesed by a Parliment, elected by universal franchise on propotional representation basis. A President, who is also elected by the people, execises executive power including defence. Sri Lanka enjoys a multi party system, and the people vote to elect a new government every six years.

National Flag-clik here to see the National Flag
National Flag of Sri Lanka is the Lion Flag. A. Lion bearing a sward in its right hand is depected in gold on red background with a yellow border. Four Bo leaves pointing inwards are at the four corners. Two vertical bands of green and orange at the mast end represent the minority ethnic groups. It is an adaptation of the standard of the last King of Sri Lanka.

National Anthem-Click here to Listen
“Sri Lanka Matha” composed by late Mr. Ananda Samarakoon.

National Flower-Click here to see the National Flower
Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea stellata)

Literacy rate

Sinhala, Tamil, English

Ethnic mix
Sinhalese-74%, Tamil-18%, Muslim-7%,
Burger and others-1%

Buddhism :70%, Hinduism : 16%, Christianity : 7%,
Islam : 7%

Low lands – tropical, average 27degrees Celcius,
Central Hills – cooler (14)

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