Mirissa whale watching in Sri Lanka is one of the most unique and interesting water related activities you can do during your holiday. One of the ideal locations for whale watching would be Mirissa, Southern Cost of Sri Lanka.

In the warm Indian Ocean you can spot Blue whales, Bryde´s whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, sometimes Killer whales, and common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and striped dolphins.

The south of Sri Lanka is the easiest place to see blue whales in a very short time in the world. Mirissa & weligama are the well known spotting places of the blue whales. Sperm whales, right whales, killer whales, whale sharks, turtles, and kinds of dolphins also spotted in this part of the island all over the year.

Out of different types of whales Blue whales are the largest mammal ever known to have lived on Earth. These giant marine mammals lengthen up to 100 feet (30 meters) and upwards 200 of tons.

After Blue Whale, Sperm whales are the largest toothed whale and average length of mature sperm whale is about 16m and they have unique features, its head is huge 1/3 of the body size & head is blunt and asymmetrical with blow hole being on left. And brain is the largest brain ever & it’s around 9kg.

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